Beam angle of LED Weatherproof Light

Beam angle is an important parameter of LED batten light, which directly affects the observation effect of people on things. LED vapor tight light produced by COMLED also attach great importance to this aspect.

The beam angle, defined by the International Illumination Institute, refers to the angle between 1/10 light intensity and the maximum light intensity of the light. The beam angle reflects the spot size and light intensity on the illuminated wall. If the same light source is applied to reflectors with different angles, the larger the beam angle, the smaller the central light intensity and the larger the light spot. The same principle applies to indirect lighting. The smaller the beam angle, the greater the ambient light intensity, and the worse the scattering effect.

Generally speaking, the beam angle of 9 °- 15 °belongs to narrow beam angle, focusing. Narrow beam angle light spot is small and light is strong, which will form a strong contrast between light and dark and produce strong visual positioning. Narrow beam angles are often used in art galleries and stages to highlight people.

The beam angle is 20-40 °, belonging to medium beam. If the beam angle is greater than 40 °, it belongs to wide beam, which is mainly used for wall washing or local lighting, highlighting the light level and light dark contrast. Let the whole space have a wider light range and a softer atmosphere.


COMLED's main LED weatherproof light are mainly used in commercial and industrial areas, such as factories, warehouses, processing plants, stations, parking lots, etc., so the beam angle of our LED waterproof lights is 120 °.To some extent, it guarantees the visual experience of LED lights.

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Post time: Dec-14-2022